We are holding our first round of public exhibitions at the Caledonian Canal Centre, Fort Augustus, PH32 4AU on Tuesday 26 March, 14.00 – 20.00 and at Glenmoriston Millennium Hall, Invermoriston, IV63 7YA on Wednesday 27 March, 13.30 – 19.30.

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The project

Millennium Wind Farm west of Fort Augustus and north of Invergarry has been operational since 2008.

As it becomes vital to combat climate change by producing more electricity from renewable sources, allowing fossil fuels to be phased out, we are proposing to extend the existing wind farm. Our proposal is for up to eight wind turbines to the east of the existing wind farm with an installed capacity of around 56 MW.

This would bring the combined total installed capacity of the existing wind farm and extension up to approximately 120 MW, helping to meet the Scottish Government’s targets for reducing emissions of greenhouses gases and powering the country with clean, green energy.

56 MW
of additional generating capacity

Estimated annual generation
124,067 MWh

Equals the yearly consumption of
31,731 households

43,617 tons of CO2
avoided annually
(compared to existing National Grid mix)

Our offices in the UK

We started operating renewable energy projects in the UK in 2005 and we have been a pioneer of responsible renewable energy development ever since.

Our first community project in the UK was in 2006, when our pioneering partnership with the Energy4All Foundation enabled thousands of people in Scotland to buy a share of their local wind farm.

Today, we continue to deliver on our purpose – to build a better future for all by powering people’s everyday lives with care.

Who we are

We are a global player in the field of renewable energy.

We develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy.

We also provide highly specialized energy management and downstream services to both energy producers and consumers and use our know-how to manage third-party assets from a technical and administrative perspective.

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At Nadara, sustainability is not just producing and enabling the use of sustainable energy, but also creating shared value for all our stakeholders by safeguarding the environment in which we operate.

Sustainability permeates all our decisions and business systems, guiding our strategy and activities and representing a fundamental part of our identity.

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